Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/08

Coleman had a good night last night, as far as we can tell from the machines and blood work and scans that we have.  They warmed him back up to normal overnight and they are in the process of taking him off of the paralytic.  He still has a breathing tube in and a number of strong sedatives flowing in.  

Dr. says he's doing great.  Oxygen levels are very good. May not need it by the end of the day. The order of the day is adjusting sedation meds.

The nurse just checked to see if he would move when she used her little poker, but no reaction yet.  They are still adjusting sedation drugs.

As the layers of devices and drugs get peeled away and he gets pulled closer to the surface, we're anxious to find out how much of our son is still with us.  

The crew at Abbot Northwestern is outstanding.  They really know their stuff.  The facilities are really nice as well, in spite of the massive amount of new construction going on in the area.  The staff takes the time to explain everything they're thinking of doing.  


  1. Praying for ColemanšŸ™

  2. Thank you for keeping Coleman's Journey and allowing those who love you all to know how Coleman is doing. I keep praying for daily improvement. Know that there is a lot of love and prayers coming your way. Sincerely, cousin Sue Sorenson

  3. Praying for a Coleman!


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