Sunday, November 5, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/05

They still have Coleman cooled down to 33 Celsius. His ICP dropped down to 14 last night and stayed there. They have him sedated to the point where he doesn't need the restraints, because he's not going anywhere. Waiting for the doctors to show up to discuss next steps.

The unit Dr was in. Still waiting for the neuro surgeon. D and I had to leave the room. Order of the day seems to be stay the course.

During the second half of the Vikings / Falcons game, the neuro ICU has decided to wait until tomorrow morning to warm up Coleman very slowly, but still monitoring its effect on his ICP. 


  1. Deb and Craig..this is a great way to share your news reports. Thank you for sharing...We love you and continue to pray for Coleman....Dave and Valerie

  2. My heart breaks of this news. I pray for Gods comfort on all of you. Continued prayers and love to you all. HUGS!❤


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