Monday, February 18, 2019

History Podcasts

I’ve enjoyed reading about history, but specifically about World War II. So it was with this curiosity that I thought I would check out podcasts that focus on history. My search discovered the following awesome podcasts:

#1 - The first, and best, of the lot for me is Dan Carlin’s “Hard Core History”. His delivery is intense. My favorite is the 6 part series on World War I titled “Blueprint for Armageddon”.

Carlin’s does an “HH Addendum” podcast and a “Common Sense” podcast as well. I can’t recommend his stuff enough.

#2 - When I finished all of Carlin’s content, Carlin led me to Professor Daniele Bolelli’s podcast “History on Fire”. Bolelli’s Italian accent takes a little practice at first, but you’ll quickly get past it. The 4 part series on Joan of Arc is one my favorites from Bolelli.

#3 - I’m now working through the content of the podcast “MartyrMade” by Darryl Cooper. Great delivery. Great content. It’s interesting to see how the material is connected.

Drop a comment if you have others to add to the list. Hope you like these 3.