Sunday, November 26, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/26

Not a whole lot of change for Coleman.  Still on the ventilator.  Can't wait to get off of that.  He seems to be using a few more right-handed signals.  In addition to "thumbs-up", he lays his right hand out flat and moves it from side to side, as if to indicate "things are so-so".  There's slightly more movement in his head nods as well, but this continues to be difficult since he still has the tracheotomy.    

Both physical and occupational therapy showed up in the late morning today.  Today was the first time that I heard any words from Coleman.  Speech therapy should start right away.  Today, we were also able to use a clipboard with paper and pen for one Coleman's first attempts.     

I guess there were more positive baby steps to report than I thought.  


  1. Thinking of you Coleman!!!! Sending healing hugs!!

  2. so glad he’s heading the right direction now it will just take some time thinking about him and you guys all the time. This is Pat Phillips! ❤️

  3. Continued prayers! 🙏🙏 Sounds like things are moving slowly in the right direction. Good to hear! Thanks for all the updates. We check in daily!! Tom and Diane Guinn

  4. Thank you for these posts. We are reading them and continue to pray for even more baby steps and for strength and courage for mom, dad & Sophia. Love you all.

  5. We say a prayer each day for Coleman. Thank you for the updates.


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