Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/07

Today marks one week since Coleman had his first stroke event.  He's been in the Neurological ICU the entire time.  During this time, he's had mechanical help breathing.  He's been made paralyzed by both the doctors and his two stroke events.  He's had a large part of his skull removed to allow his enlarged brain to expand.  His Intercranial Pressure (ICP) is at 15 and was as low as 10 last night.  Oxygen levels were good last night, but he needed more this morning.  The puffiness around his right eye has gone down some.  I've never looked so forward to getting out of the intensive care unit and into a regular care hospital set up. 

The doctors are going to try for a 16 hr. warm up. They will be removing the paralytic and adjusting some drugs.  Since this process started, his face is looking a lot better than yesterday.  


  1. Hope for much needed healing!

  2. Please know of our prayers for Coleman’s complete recovery and comfort and consolation for you and Deb and Coleman’s fiancé. God bless, Emily Backowski

  3. Praying for good results. Hugs Deb and Craig


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