Friday, November 17, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/17

Coleman has a CT scan last night and everything looked great.  He should be getting the second of two brain drain's removed this afternoon.  We continue to look for positive baby-steps each day.    He's tolerating breathing on his own more frequently and for longer stretches of time.  His tracheotomy and feeding port went in yesterday.  While it's still early to tell, he seems to be tolerating things ok.

Physical therapy should be by this afternoon for their first visit (whatever that entails).  Orders were submitted for occupational and speech therapy this morning.  It took at least 4 people to get him up to sitting.  He's still in the neuro ICU at Abbott Northwestern, which is a short-term acute care facility.  Eventually, he'll need to transfer to a long-term acute care facility I believe.    

His eyes have been open for quite a bit this morning and he's responding well (all things considered) on his right side to commands and neuro checks.  Since he's been in the same spot for three weeks, even his rights side will need some exercising.  His left side is going to need some more work.   


  1. Thanks for the updates Craig. We are checking daily for your posts. So glad to see that things are moving in the right direction! Sending continued prayers and love to all of you! The Hirtes

  2. Thanks, Hirtes. I look forward to posting about positive news.


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