Sunday, November 19, 2023

Coleman's Journey 11/19

As a preventive measure, they are putting in the blood clot filter as I'm typing this.  It's estimated to be a 90 minute procedure.  The common, ongoing objective today is to get rid of the fever that Coleman's been running for the last couple of days.  If we get rid of the fever, we can remove the sedatives that he's back on to manage the fever-induced shivering.  He can then build up his lungs.  If we build up his breathing, we can remove the ventilator.  If we remove the ventilator, he can get into rehab.  If he gets into rehab, he can start to rebuild his mind and body.    

Tuesday will mark three weeks that Coleman's been in neuro ICU.  Haven't really communicated with him much during this time.  Once in while, on his right side and on command, he can squeeze your hand, wiggle his toes, and shrug his shoulder.  Haven't really spoken with him directly the entire time that he's been here.  

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