Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Coleman's Journey 12/5

Todays baby-steps: 

  • Fewer diet restrictions
    • He had a PB&J this afternoon - his favorite
  • Relocating tomorrow to CK ("Courage Kenny") for rehab
    • Also part of the ANW (Abbot Northwest) campus
    • This is huge.  It's a great opportunity for him.  
  • Speech sounds much better
  • Neck muscles not as sore.  He has a lot more control of his head and neck.
  • He sat in his chair and on the side of his bed for a longer time 
  • His core is becoming stronger
  • The location where part of the skull was pulled from is more concave now
    • This is an indicator that the skull piece that was removed will be put back in a couple of weeks or so

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  1. So great to hear of all Coleman's baby steps Craig! We are thinking of him and rooting for him every day in the Sorenson household. Thanks for continuing to update Coleman's journey. Sending you all love.


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