Saturday, December 16, 2023

Coleman's Journey 12/16

Two steps forward...

Yesterday Coleman had an issue with blood pressure that was too low.  I saw 2 things that I haven't seen for a while. Coleman was able to shrug his left shoulder. He was also able to bring his left leg up to his chest. 

This morning, Coleman has been vomiting quite a bit and has had a bunch of pain in the left part of his head. He's been unable to keep any meds down.  A CT scan this morning showed a scalp bleed, but no bleeding in the brain. No idea why his scalp bled. It's looking like he might have to return to the neuro unit. We really don't want to leave rehab.

I assume that I will have more to report later today.  Coleman did return to the neuro unit Saturday afternoon.  We hope that he'll be returning to CK's rehab soon.  

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