Friday, January 5, 2024

Coleman's Journey 1/5

The Neuro department came by today to check on his sutures.  They are giving him blood thinner injections for the next couple of weeks so they can remove the blood filter in his vein.  

Coleman has advanced to a regular wheelchair.  He can now move himself.  This is really a big advancement for him.

Things are still looking like Coleman will transition on 1/12 to Courage Kenny (CK) - Golden Valley (GV).  It will still depend on the blood filter coming out of a major vein and the stomach feeding tube coming out 1/11. His scalp sutures will come out early next week.  He's doing very well and is working extremely hard at his recovery.  He said that therapy had him walking backwards today and that it was very hard.  He's walking with a brace on his left knee and hanging on to a handrail.

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  1. I am just amazed at the progress he is making.


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