Thursday, January 11, 2024

Coleman's Journey 1/11

Yesterday, Coleman's feeding tube was removed.  Additionally, the sutures in his scalp were removed.  No haircuts for another 2 weeks. 

Things we learned today from the Care Team:

  • The blood filter continues to be an issue holding up discharge.  The filter was put in originally to prevent blood clots from going to the heart when he wasn't mobile.  He has to be on a blood thinner for two weeks prior to it being removed, which is next Tuesday.  In the early days, blood thinners would have been bad for the brain hemorrhage that the Neuro ICU was trying to stabilize.  He is getting 2 shots a day in the stomach of the blood thinner.  It is now scheduled to come out Tuesday or Wednesday of next week with discharge on 1/18.  Once the filter is out, he needs to lay flat for a number of hours.  It needs to be removed because there is a long-term possibility that the filter could come apart and pieces could find their way to his heart.
  • Deb and I will likely work with Therapy to learn how to do transfers to and from the car and the wheelchair. 
  • Coleman is now scheduled to be discharged to the Courage Kenny facility in Golden Valley where he'll be receiving more rehab.

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