Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Cody Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to family and friends!

Each passing year becomes more like a blink.  The years become smaller and smaller fractions of the time that I’ve been around.  Time flies.  Some things change.

Coleman is in tenth grade this Christmas.  He still enjoys golf, Jazz band, and Knowledge Bowl.  He continues to knock down the great grades.  Coleman was away from home quite a bit this summer.  One week away with the Boy Scouts and one week away at church camp.  He’s lucky enough to have an aunt that took him on a trip to San Francisco.  He made his annual pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair with his uncles.  He came back from each trip taller.  While some things remain the same, some things change.  We talk more these days about life after high school.  We experiment with greater degrees of independence.  He’s learning to drive.  I look up to him now.

Deb is still working at Herberger’s.  She still gets a lot done at church.  She still manages our household.  Coleman and I would still be lost without her.  Deb continues to do many crafts, repurposing many things.  She tended another flower garden this summer.  Since my last report, Deb did a bit of remodeling in our basement.  In went an egress window and a hallway.  The laundry machines went from the bathroom to the boiler room.  New tiling all over.  While some things remain the same, some things change.  Deb has been putting in more hours at Herberger’s this year.  She finds time to help more people with their shopping.

I’m still helping people with their computers and other technology.  I still help out at church.  I still try to catch fish and hopefully share them with others.  While some things remain the same, some things change.  I’m now working in Melrose, MN at Leedstone, Inc. (formerly Stearns Vet Outlet – think “We Do Cows”).  I’m still working with technology, but in different ways. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the reason for the season.  Let us all remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

Happy New Year! – The Cody’s

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